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Let us prepare a Business Financial plan for you to protect your business from unknown Government interventation, lower your operating cost and have a clear picture of your future

You are passionate about what you do. You have the ability to be creative, in charge and live a flexible lifestyle.You became a business owner to control your own destiny; not let your destiny control you. However, it has become increasingly more complicated with all the regulatory requirements that most businesses aren't aware of like the new OSHA fines and the Obamacare new fines starting in September, just to name two that most business aren't aware of. Then there are the many regulations that most businesses are aware of like tax and labor laws. Don’t let that derail you... we are here to help!

We are committed to helping Business Owners correct out of compliance issues, proactively plan for the future and ensure updated compliance with regulatory requirements. Running your own business can be rewarding – but it can also be overwhelming. Let us fill the gap that attorneys and accountants don't cover in their practices.

Let us be your off-site compliance officer

Our main goal is to protect your business from Government regulations you are not aware of. There are many laws and regulations that can have significant financial ramifications to businesses that are unknown to even the most savvy business owners. One audit/inspection by a governmental agency can result in thousands of dollars in fines/penalties.

As a business owner, you know how to conduct your day to day operations.You are familiar with the rules of your trade. However, there are other compliance requirements that are a chore to keep up with, but must be, in order to remain in business.

Too frequently, business owners have so much to think about in the course of their daily operations, from client retention, delivery of products/services, cash flow, business expansion/marketing, customer service, employee management etc. that there is little time for regulatory compliance that if left undone, can be costly. But... with the right help, you can feel secure!