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For businesses that do not have a Business Financial Plan or wish to update their existing plan, we offer a detailed plan customized for your specific goals……AND we provide support in the implementation of the plan.

We know that many plans end up in a file cabinet, or worse, the trash.  We ensure that you have support to implement your plan and move toward your goals.  Your business relationship with EPA Business and Financial Services, Inc. does not end when we deliver your plan.

We will continue to work together over a six month period to provide support and we will encourage you to take the actions toward achieving your business goals.

When working with EPA Business & Financial Services, Inc. to create your customized Business Financial Plan, you will receive the following:

v     Information gathering session

v     Follow-up meeting/call to clarify and validate information

v     A comprehensive and actionable Business Financial Plan

v     A session to discuss the plan in detail

v     Two personalized sessions to support the implementation of the plan

v     Six months of unlimited (within reason) email access for questions regarding the plan

The Financial Plan Components

 Your customized Business Financial Plan will address areas of your business life from expense management to exit strategy and everything in between.

 For a list of frequently asked questions and services that EPA Business & Financial Service, Inc. provides, Download Our Services Guide.